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A reminder of breast cancer awareness month from those of us at Apple Awards and Sport Plaques

There is hardly a family anywhere that has not been affected by breast cancer in some way.

Her Story

It surprised Kim during an annual check up when the doctor discovered a lump. Perhaps it was a simple hematoma? She was a young mother, only in her early thirties. Instead, tests confirmed a diagnosis of breast cancer and her family geared up for the treatment process. A supportive husband and newly adopted little daughter, along with parents, her sister and extended family made up her team. The times of waiting were hard. The times of treatment were hard. The decisions were complicated. Over the next nine months Kim navigated the journey of all survivors. They will affirm it is a bit like riding a roller coaster, except that very little of it is fun. It is a life changing journey.

Today, Kim is ten years cancer free.  She is a home-school mom, an active organizer in her daughter’s dance troupe, an involved member of her church, a worker in the concierge industry, and a person who does not take life for granted. She is quick to offer help and words of wisdom to others experiencing breast cancer because she has “been there” and knows what it is like. What her experience has taught her, she states this way:

“I used to spend way too much time in cleaning my home, having things a certain way, always working on something. Now, I value time with my family. I realized how little time we have on earth and I wanted to change how I used it. My family now puts our time and money in time together, travelling, seeing the world, experiencing all we can together, being there for each other.” She is a grateful survivor.

Think Pink!

 October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, reminds us that research has provided treatment options for those experiencing breast cancer.  Again this year, Apple Awards supports ongoing research by donating 10% of annual proceeds from sale of the pink crystal apple to this important cause. Do you know someone who needs encouragement or who needs to be recognized and celebrated as a survivor? This crystal apple is a gift that will do just that and also contribute to research for future advancements in treatment. Win/win.

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