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Tradition at Edgar High

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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of stopping by Edgar High School, one of our long time customers, where I was able to visit with Athletic Director Jim Steinke. Since purchasing Sport Plaques three years ago, I have been impressed with this school’s dedication to its student athletes. The high school’s enrollment is 191 students, of which 50 are out for this year’s football team! The school has a tradition of handing out parent night plaques to every one of their student athletes, through all three seasons. These plaques include a picture of every athlete, in full uniform, along with their Wildcat mascot and the year.

In short, Edgar High has consistently made a big deal out of participation. In a small school, participation can make all the difference in the world when it comes to fielding a team, creating depth in athletic programs and fostering school pride. When student athletes get good coaching and are made to feel special just to be a part of something, as they are at Edgar, the results speak for themselves. 

Evidence of their tradition became apparent to me as Jim walked me down by the gym where they house their state championship trophies. The wall was lined with photo plaques of their many state champions. I have to admit it was impressive and intimidating. What do I mean by intimidating? Jim explained that visiting teams, coming to town on game night, are led past the trophy case on their way to the locker room. There is so much gold & silver in that room I needed to put my sunglasses on to dull the glare . Their preserved legacy of high performing athletes speaks for itself.

The intimidating trophy wall.
State Champs!

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Are You Using Your Rear View Mirror?

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Effective leadership requires a 360 degree view. Vision and seeing forward is a integral ingredient of effective leadership. Equally as important is seeing what you are leaving in your wake. I call this self awareness. Are we willing to look in the rear view mirror of life and see how we affect others by our words, attitudes and actions?

For some, self awareness is intuitive and for others, not so much.

Now don’t get me wrong, we all have our blind spots. We all occasionally find ourselves dealing with pride, and selfishness. Sometimes we don’t notice the unhealthy things we are doing that may affect ourselves and others. But this does not have to be the norm.

Just like a good car operator we need to stop and check our mirrors when navigating the relationships in our life. Relational wrecks can be as destructive as the ones in our automobile. They can often be avoided though, by slowing down and checking your mirrors once in awhile to see if you have run someone off the road, or worse yet run them over. The only way to know this is to glance back, while still keeping our eyes on the road.

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