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an amateur photographer takes photos at a sporting event.
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Recognition is important at the end of a sports season. One key to a great awards presentation is having photos available to relive some of those memorable moments from the year.  

Why Photos?

A picture is worth a thousand words” is an English language adage. It refers to the notion that some complex ideas can be conveyed with just a single picture. This picture conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a description does. 

Using photos to create unique awards or gifts of recognition is a great way to show appreciation. In this case, a good picture, on a plaque is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, the right picture can be hard to come by when it’s needed. Many times we end up with pictures that are just plain boring. Often, camera resolution settings are turned down in order to save precious memory space. These photos might do for social media, but aren’t good when you want to create that special plaque or award.

Five Tips for that Best Shot

If you are a coach or an event coordinator, be intentional about having quality pictures for recognition at the end of the season. These five things done early in the season can help you have the necessary resources to recognize well.

  1. Be intentional about seeking out and finding a parent(s), professional photographer, or person from the local media who will be attending games and can take pictures for you.
  2. Make sure they have their settings turned up on their camera to take large, high quality photos.
  3. If your photographer’s skills allow for it, ask them to take action shots with the photo burst setting on their camera.
  4. Have them look for shots that show emotion and that capture the highs and lows of a season. Team photos following a big win or final game are often more interesting than the early season team photo. 
  5. Determine a shareable location to upload photos so they are available to you when you need them. Places like Google Drive or Dropbox are popular locations, are easy to setup, and free up to a certain size. 

With great, high quality photos your memorable moments can be captured on a plaque that will be treasured and will make your end of the season awards banquet a huge success. 

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